100 capsules per box “Intense taste” – for Nespresso machines

Offered by: Torrefazione Michele Battista

02 Mar, 18 2:48 pm  Triggiano, BA, Italia

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Condition: New

Brand: Torrefazione Caffè Michele Battista

Model: 100 capsules per box "Intense taste" - for Nespresso machines


Did you notice the symbol on the Intenso writing? It is the tree that unites the three worlds: celestial, earthly and underworld. Like the Battistino Intense taste: as powerful as the fire of the underworld, various and rich like the earth, perfect as the sky.

Available in 5 g capsule, it is a single-dose capsule compatible with Nespresso machines.

Disclaimer: The Nespresso trademark is not property of Torrefazione Caffé Michele Battista ltd. nor of any related company.

- packaging: 100 capsules per box

- packaging carried out in strict hygenic spaces

- a family coffee: texture, flavor and tradition, all in one coffee

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