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01 Mar, 18 3:19 pm  Putignano, BA, Italia

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Amaro Mediterraneo Beltion® is a bitter alcoholic obtained following an ancient secret family recipe, by an infusion of herbs, spices, barks, berries and aromatic roots among which the typical Mediterranean ones, cleverly combined to achieve a harmonious structure and a perfect balance of citrus and herbal notes. Sold worldwide in its typical bottle of 70 cl and for the most demanding, in 1 liter bottle, it is deployed under Beltion® sign, historic product line that has always distinguished itself in the production of excellent quality bitters.
With an unmistakable aroma, Amaro Mediterraneo is perceived first as very amiable, then as lingering bitterness.
Alcohol content: 30%. Available in 700ml and 1000ml sizes.

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