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Model: Bemode


BeMODE® It falls within the concept of "Industrialized Building" modular system "dry", lightweight, high-energy performances, acoustic and seismic.
One of the main strengths, compared to prefabricated systems, is that BeMODE® he did not design constraints, leaving space to the design and architecture. The same applies with regard to the plant, heating - cooling - mechanical ventilation etc., Which is left total freedom of choice to the designer.
BeMODE®, reaffirming the concept of "Industrialized Building", using computerized design systems; the architectural design is reworked by the department that deals with structural calculation that converts it into an executive for the carpentry department, attaching the constructional details of each component, which is individually numbered, and the table assembly of the whole project.
The project BeMODE® is oriented to the realization of eco-friendly housing with high energy savings with very rapid construction times which allow to reduce construction costs and resulting in a more immediate availability of the building which, in the case of a building for commercial use, means the first to bring in income assets.
BeMODE® it uses a "sandwich construction dry or SR Structure Coating system" for years in use worldwide and known in Germany for example the term "Trockenbau", in England and France with the term "Structure - Envelop"
The main constructional elements of BeMODE® they are of modular structures in buffered with steel sandwich panels which guarantee the thermo-acoustic insulation of walls and floors.
All the electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems and are external to the walls and ceiling places and brought down the outside of the walls to allow, if necessary, of minimally invasive maintenance.
Normally the heating and cooling systems are heat pump to ensure a high energy saving and can be, depending on the needs of our client, air-to-air - underfloor - radians, always guaranteeing an optimal welfare standards.
All exterior doors are made of PVC with a double chamber glazing, tilt and turn and micro-ventilation with a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.
BeMODE®, Depending on the needs of the customer, or can be built on concrete stalls or "Very large screw" and the entire bearing structure is assembled in work "dry" exclusively by means of bolts allowing production times about three times lower than the traditional construction system "brick and mortar".

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