GRILLO P.G.I. White Wine

Offered by: Sicilian Goodness Srl

16 Jul, 18 2:27 pm  Palagonia, CT, Italia

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Condition: New

Model: GRILLO P.G.I. White Wine


Grape varieties: 100% Grillo

Production area: Sicily-Italy

Training system: Vertical trellis, implanted on varied soil mostly clay and limestone, rich of organic material.

Harvest period: Second half of August.

Vinification: The grape are crushed and destemmed, fermentation in stainless steel vessels, fermentation
temperature 15°c.

Ageing: Maturated in stainless steel stay until mid-March, aged for 3 months in bottle.

Alcoholic content: 12,00% by vol.

Food pairing suggestion: Excellent with marinated fish, rise or mature cheeses. It should be served at a temperature of 8°c and uncork one hour before drinking, to enhance the freshness and the elegance.

Capacity: 75 cl bottle med, bag in box 10 litre

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