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13 Mar, 18 12:45 pm  Brindisi, BR, Italia

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Condition: New

Model: Mattress TULIPANO


Slow-return visco-elastic foam Mattress, composed of three layers: NaturSoya, Viscopur, Aqupur. Special feature of this mattress is its external cover: it contains a topper made of visco-elastic foam (2 cm), that allows the change of TULIPANO into a "Soft" mattress. So, it can be modified, in order to fit customers' needs.
Thanks to the internal PL cover, and to the external one (quilted), both removable and with zippers, TULIPANO is a practical and hygienic mattress. Furthermore, the 3D fabric side band provides this product with good transpiring properties.
The external cover is finely decorated with white quilted circles.

Available in two different sizes: 190x160x25 cm and 200X180X25 cm.


200x180x25 cm
NaturSoya - foam enriched with Soy fibres
Viscopur - slow-return visco-elastic foam
Aqupur - high-density water-foamed polyurethane
100% PL. Colour: white. Removable
Quilted, with Zipper, handles and 3D fabric side band. 100% PL. Colour: white. Removable. Hypoallergenic. Inside, topper 2 cm.
Quilted circles. Colour: white
Made in Italy

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