Wheat grain

Offered by: Agrofirm Uchumskaya

02 Mar, 18 10:48 am  Красноярск, Russia

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Condition: New

Brand: Агрофирма "Учумская"

Model: Wheat grain


Agrofirm "Uchumskaya" sells wheat grain of the following varieties: Novosibirskaya 18, Novosibirskaya 29, Novosibirskaya 31 and Iren. The annual renewal of the seed stock allows us to guarantee a high quality of the wheat and of the final products.

Here you can buy soft wheat varieties. In particular, we derive the majority of our turnover from grade 3 cereals with a mass fraction of 35% raw gluten and grain in kind at 900 grams / liter (GOST R 52554 - 2006). We also supply grade 4 and 5 cereals.

We offer flexible supply terms to our partners. Our production is appreciated by companies from many regions of Russia: the Far East, Buryatia, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kemerovo region, Novosibirsk region, Omsk region, Khakassia, Saratov, Tomsk region, Ufa, Chelyabinsk.

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